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The information

The concept of information was initially addressed by branches such as cybernetics and informatics. Its influence through technology has expanded to such an extent that our contemporary society cannot be explained without its presence. Other disciplines, such as sociology, urbanism and philosophy, have considered it necessary to integrate the concept as a substantial part for the construction of their own objects of study.

On the cover, a series of geometric figures move around forming a network, where the faces of scientists and researchers who have worked with the concept of information from different points of view can be observed. Alan Turing, worked from computer science and cryptography; Norbert Wiener, reflected on the relationship between man and machine; Manuel Castells, posed the social and political relations implied by information technologies; James Martin proposed methodologies for software development; Alvin Toffler, wrote from futurology; and Luciano Floridi did so from a new philosophy of information.

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